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underboobpalooza Statistics

Money Raised
Event Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $10,976.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 1000
Members Recruited: 101

Join me in my efforts to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

Thank you for supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Event Members:
Total Raised$10,976.00  
General Event Donation$5,839.00  
HMM MessMom$3,535.00  
   Molly Adams$5.00  
   Jacquie Albert$0.00  
   Jen Andreoli$20.00  
   Nicole Angle$100.00  
   Liana Ayala$0.00  
   Alicia Azevedo$0.00  
   Katherine Bailey$0.00  
   Jennifer Baker$0.00  
   Jenny Ball$35.00  
   Julie Bass$100.00  
   Donielle Bennett$150.00  
   Suzie Bentley$10.00  
   Melissa Bleck$10.00  
   Kay Bowling$20.00  
   Richard Boyet$10.00  
   George Brannen$0.00  
   Amanda Brown$50.00  
   Megan Counts$10.00  
   Sarah Diefenbach$0.00  
   emalee dillon$0.00  
   Kimberly DuHaime$0.00  
   Samantha Ferguson$0.00  
   Cassara Ferschke$10.00  
   jen foster$0.00  
   Amanda Frazier$20.00  
   Bethany Gabriel$0.00  
   Lisa Gabriel$5.00  
   Elizabeth Gilmore$5.00  
   Melissa Grado$0.00  
   Destiny Grave$100.00  
   Misty Hale$5.00  
   Terri Hickson$10.00  
   Lisa Hollenbeck$0.00  
   Liese Homer$0.00  
   Stephanie Huffman$0.00  
   Robin Humphries$20.00  
   Ann Huszty$20.00  
   Alexandra Isackson$0.00  
   Christine Jackson$0.00  
   Rhonda Jackson$0.00  
   lynch jd$10.00  
   Erik & Wendy Kaman$20.00  
   Ally Karge$0.00  
   brandy kassis$25.00  
   Marissa Klass$10.00  
   Wylisha Knighton$0.00  
   Tracan Lewis$0.00  
   Jennie Littrell$0.00  
   Noel Lyons-Baker$25.00  
   Kristen Makholm$10.00  
   Heather Marton$20.00  
   Michelle Matthews$10.00  
   Heather McEntire$10.00  
   Sarah Mcguire$125.00  
   Tina McKinnis$0.00  
   mary mcmanus$0.00  
   Badass Momma$25.00  
   Christine Moody$0.00  
   Sandi Navarro$5.00  
   Alicia Niebaum$0.00  
   Janet OKeefe$100.00  
   Jennifer parker$0.00  
   Mary Neal Patterson$100.00  
   Christina Perez$10.00  
   Elise Pierce$0.00  
   Aisley Pomana$0.00  
   Alicia Powers$0.00  
   Maile Quick$100.00  
   Deanna Rader$5.00  
   Samantha Ramirez$0.00  
   Amanda Ray$0.00  
   Elisa Reale$0.00  
   Heather Rector$0.00  
   Shanda Reed$0.00  
   Lorraine Reese$100.00  
   Mandie Reese$0.00  
   Wendy Rider$0.00  
   Kathryn Rose$20.00  
   Steve Rosenbaum$0.00  
   Shannan Sanchez$0.00  
   Lynn Schroeder$0.00  
   Andrea Seiden$0.00  
   chantelle shapka$0.00  
   Cherie Stanton$0.00  
   Stephanie Stevens$32.00  
   toyia stickell$0.00  
   Rebecca Surack$10.00  
   Jamie sykes$0.00  
   John Truempy$0.00  
   Kris Vogel$25.00  
   Judy Wagner$5.00  
   Jessica Waid$0.00  
   nichole weiss$5.00  
   Traci Whitley$0.00  
   Dayna Whitson$25.00  
   Samantha Wicker$0.00  
   Misty Woodward$0.00  
   Michelle Yeager$0.00  
   shonel young$55.00  
   nicole zarko$0.00  

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide. For more information, please contact Carol Edwards at or 646-497-2607.

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