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Welcome to the Event Page of
Estee Lauder FY14 Team Thompson
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Estee Lauder FY14 Team Thompson Statistics

Money Raised
Event Fundraising Goal: $150,000.00
Total Raised: $89,991.69

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Event Members:
Total Raised$89,991.69  
General Event Donation$547.00  
Laurie Thompson$18,900.33  
   Kelsa Ader$7,040.55  
   Nicole Allen$50.00  
   Ann Marie Arcand$0.00  
   CHERYL BAKER$25.00  
   Meredith Barger$235.00  
   Susan Bowler$0.00  
   Sue Burke$200.00  
   Karen Cady Salzano$761.00  
   Yesi Casado$150.00  
   Julianne Dean$0.00  
   Dawn Durmis$0.00  
   Emily Fagel$515.00  
   Valerie Fazzingo$45.00  
   Tara Ferina$150.00  
   Bethsadia Fernandez$0.00  
   Loryn Furey$0.00  
   Joanne Glennerster$1,472.00  
   Maria Granoto$0.00  
   Donna Harder$100.00  
   Meriden Hett$0.00  
   Lesley Inman$20.00  
   Misty Justice$632.00  
   Meredith Keeling$0.00  
   Julie Lehman$100.00  
   Elizabeth Lombardo$0.00  
   Nela Maran$20.00  
   Arlenis Martinez$0.00  
   Jill Mascolo$900.00  
   Mary McGuire$0.00  
   Erica Sayre Moll$0.00  
   Alison Morrison$40,478.66  
   Laurie Murphy$350.00  
   Kara Newsome$0.00  
   Sara Pierce$20.00  
   Ashlee R$0.00  
   Sandi Radlove$70.00  
   Milly Rivera$2,014.00  
   Kelly Riviello$0.00  
   Rebecca Roberts$1,115.00  
   Lexie Rogers$2,109.00  
   Heather Santos$0.00  
   Christine Sapienza$1,434.00  
   Dawn Schenck$630.00  
   Andrea Senic$750.00  
   Becky Smith$0.00  
   Stephanie Terrell$692.00  
   Lauren Terry$1,766.00  
   Allyson Townsend$1,498.15  
   Maggie Turner$0.00  
   Jennifer Wackerle$4,952.00  
   Vicki Weaver$250.00  

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide. For more information, please contact Carol Edwards at or 646-497-2607.

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