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Welcome to the Event Page of
GenWealth Walks For Hope 2012 (Closed)
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GenWealth Walks for Hope Statistics

Money Raised
Event Fundraising Goal: $7,500.00
Total Raised: $10,801.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 70

Join Our Team

This event is over. Please make sure to join us next year!

Event Members:
Total Raised$10,801.00  
General Event Donation$770.00  
Braden Schipke$1,290.00  
Kimberly DiBlasi$1,095.00  
   Maura Bigelow$50.00  
   Jacqueline Botek$50.00  
   Jessica Botek$50.00  
   Judy Botek$150.00  
   Melissa Brown, MD$50.00  
   diane brussenski$50.00  
   Kate Cahill$100.00  
   Carol Cain$75.00  
   Kim Chan$50.00  
   Theresa Peterson Chu$0.00  
   Renee Cologne$295.00  
   Marie Cornine$50.00  
   Lori Dalvi$50.00  
   Katherine Doukas$10.00  
   Sharif Elzein$25.00  
   Eileen Fedronas$50.00  
   Carol Gallo$50.00  
   Josette Gamble$660.00  
   Caroline Gosselin$75.00  
   Eve Greenberg$170.00  
   Robin Greenberg$50.00  
   Leah Hammerman$20.00  
   Amy Hebard$0.00  
   Janet Hein$50.00  
   Michele Hurley$75.00  
   Barbara Illingworth$50.00  
   Tori Inkley$325.00  
   Lynn Jacobs$50.00  
   Anita Keller$50.00  
   Sheila Kenny$50.00  
   Irene Langlois$150.00  
   India Larrier$25.00  
   Cherie Leanza$250.00  
   Linda Leanza$0.00  
   Kathy Leventhal$0.00  
   Arlene Lieberman$50.00  
   Jen Lieberman$50.00  
   Debbie Longenecker$425.00  
   Kayla Longenecker$25.00  
   Lisa Luczycki$50.00  
   Blair K Majtyka$0.00  
   Carol Michaels$50.00  
   Dede Miles$0.00  
   Karen Newman$100.00  
   Camilla Nichols$50.00  
   Erin O'Mara$50.00  
   Risa Olinsky$1,025.00  
   Nicole Ostrow$50.00  
   Madhu Pai$50.00  
   Carrie Phelan$50.00  
   Susan Phelan$50.00  
   Marisa Poling$0.00  
   CJ Prince$1,100.00  
   Talya Rothenberg$50.00  
   Barbara Sanok$0.00  
   Cornelia Santschi$0.00  
   Debra Schiff$0.00  
   amy sigona$50.00  
   Robin Sitver$160.00  
   Kari STEINERT$150.00  
   Terri Suess$0.00  
   Nidhi Tomar$50.00  
   Kelly Villanueva$50.00  
   Ellen Weinman$246.00  
   Lois Weinstein$360.00  
   courtney welsh$50.00  
   Laureen Young$50.00  
   Jill Zimmer$50.00  

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide. For more information, please contact Carol Edwards at or 646-497-2607.

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